Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Washington D.C. Youth Tour June 18-25, 2020

This year Grand Electric will select TWO high school students from our service area, to join several other students from South Dakota on an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C.

To be eligible:

  • must be a high school sophomore or junior
  • submit a 500 word essay on the following topic, "What is the Rural Electrification Act and how has it affected your life today?"
  • parents or guardian must be a member of Grand Electric
  • include a recent picture

Details on requirements. Please include ALL of the following to be eligible.

Cover page - Include your name and the title of the essay on this page.

Second page - Contact information: Applicant's name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, year in school and school attending. Also include your parent or guardian's name(s).

Third page - Your typed, double-spaced, 500 word essay on the topic listed above.  Do your research and write a knowledgeable essay.

Lastly, include a recent picture of yourself that Grand Electric can use in publications such as Cooperative Connections, our web-site and Facebook page. If you are submitting your application electronically, attach the photo as a jpeg file.

TIP* Have a parent or teacher proof-read your essay. Having another person proof your writing is the best way to catch mistakes and enables you to submit YOUR best work! Grammar and punctuation ARE judged, along with relevant content.

Deadline for entering is March 6, 2020.

To submit electronically: Email the required documents to

To submit by mail: Send to Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc.

                                   Youth Tour Essay

                                   P.O. Box 39

                                   Bison, SD 57620

Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc. is committed to providing opportunities to the youth of our rural communities. The future of rural America depends on the youth of today, which is why we continue to provide funds for higher education, opportunities for knowledge and growth, and resources to achieve success.



Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors: Join students from across the state for a three-day, expense-paid excursion to North Dakota on July 27-30, 2020. Learn “The Story Behind the Switch” and see where the electricity for South Dakota’s electric cooperatives is generated. Tour the Great Plains Synfuel Plant, explore the Freedom Coal Mine, spend time swimming, dancing and much more! It’s a trip you don’t want to miss! 

All you have to do is APPLY! Deadline to apply is May 18, 2020.
Please include a current picture with your application. 


Join teens from around the state for a three-day, expense-paid excursion to North Dakota. Tour the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, the Freedom Coal Mine and the Antelope Valley Station Electric power plant.

To be eligible:

  • must be a high school freshman, sophomore or junior
  • parents or guardian must be a member of Grand Electric.

Deadline to enter is May 18, 2020.